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Figure Bronze Statue
Universal Studios Singapore Devastator Figure Sculpture
Project name: Universal Studios Singapore Devastator Figure Sculpture (7 meters high)

Devastator Figure Sculpture located in Universal Studios Singapore is designed and manufactured by Master Liang Runan of Lingnan Bronze Company.

Devastator holds up three large bronze rings with its amazing arm strength, just like Pan Gu who creates the world; it explains a spirit of perseverance and the courage of undertaking, becoming a beautiful landscape in Universal Studios Singapore.

Today, Devastator has become the symbol sculpture of Universal Studios Singapore. It attracts large numbers of tourists from home and abroad depending its strong cultural and artistic atmosphere, greatly promoting the popularity and influence of Universal Studios Singapore.
The Figure Sculpture Devastator is the masterpiece of Liang Runan’s foreign works. The work receives high praise from president of Universal Studios and he displays the sculpture in the most crowded place, showing his recognition and affirmation to the bronze sculpture designing and casting level and ability of Lingnan Bronze Company.

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