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Russian Animal Bronze Sculpture Bronze Cranes

Crane occupies an extremely high position, especially red-crowned crane which is the symbol of longevity, auspicious omen and elegancy is always related to immortal, so it is also called Xianhe (namely red-crowned crane).
Red-crowned crane is elegant and graceful, it is famous for “three long” beak, neck and legs, when it is standing, it can reach to over 1 meter high; it looks like a sage, so it is also called “First Rank Bird”, second only to phoenix. Besides, crane in Chinese culture occupies a very important position. In China, Korea and Japan, people often draw the cranes with tall and straight old pines, as the symbol of longevity.
Bronze Crane is manufactured exquisitely, splendid and magnificent, graceful and elegant, is an essential mascot in ancient palace. Crane is one of the most lofty animals in ancient peoples’ eyes, it symbolizes holiness and purity, elegance and longevity, leaving great impact on people.

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