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Fujian Longyan Maitreya
Project name: Project of Large Fujian Longyan Maitreya Bronze Buddha
Project parameters: the large Fujian Longyan Maitreya Bronze Buddha is of 20.8 meters height, casting technique, the average thickness is 8 millimeters; it is assembled with 936 bronze castings which are made of 138 tons of tin bronze, and is installed in Tiangong Mountain Yuantong Temple of over 2300 meters above sea level.

The largest Maitreya Bronze Buddha in the world is located on Tiangong Mountain, Yuantong Temple, Fujian Longyan, of over 2300 meters above sea level; the large Bronze Buddha was commenced in 2005 and completed in August, 2007, lasting for nearly 3 years.

Large Maitreya Bronze Buddha is grand and serene, paunchy and cross-legged and smiles happily. Maitreya represents other Bodhisattvas’ image, and symbolizes benevolence, humidity, tolerance and optimism, which makes people respect it, so local people commonly believe in it.

Bronze Buddha of 20.8 height is designed in five sections, each section contains 20 prefabricated parts, and each prefabricated part is welded with about 5 tin bronze sheets of 5 square meters for each, the Bronze Buddha’s surface seam has gaps so that it can avoid bronze sheet’s deformation due to typhoon, earthquake or meteorological change.

Tiangong Mountain is of over 2800 meters above sea level, so the installation is extremely difficult; first, we assemble the steel frame braced structure in the center and then assemble the prefabricated bronze castings around the structure.

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