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Wanghai Guanyin, Panyu Lotus Mountain
Project name: Project of Large Gold-plated Guanyin Bronze Buddha of 36.8 meters height, Panyu Lotus Mountain, Guangzhou
Project parameters: Wanghai Guanyin Bronze Buddha is of 36.8 meters height, casting technique, the average thickness is 6-10 millimeters, 118 tons of high-quality tin bronze imported from Chile, and 180 liang of plated pure gold, the project took 3 years (from 1992 to 1994), is the largest gold-plated Guanyin standing statue.

Lotus Mountain Guanyin Gold-plated Bronze Buddha is constructed with the help of Mr. He Houhua, a prominent figure in Hong Kong and Macao, and all other good-hearted people. This large Bronze Buddha Sculpture Project is designed and casted by Lingnan Bronze Company, a large bronze sculpture manufacturer in Guangzhou. Up to now, the Guanyin Buddha Statue has been constructed for over two decades, and there has never been any quality problem.


Bronze Buddha is manufactured from designing drawing, producing sample to sculpturing clay mold, etc., Lingnan Bronze Company, as a well-known bronze sculpture enterprise in South China, implements each process of Bronze Buddha Sculpture in strict accordance with national standard, their Buddha Statue Sculptures are of reliable quality and elegant style and can meet customers’ various customized demands.

Ling Runan (son of Ling Ruifa, Chairman of the company), General Manager of Lingnan Bronze Company was studying in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA) at that time when he was only 18 years old, and he helped his father in successfully creating the large Bronze Buddha of 36.8 meters height, showing his high talent in sculpture.

When the Bronze Buddha was completed, Ling Ruifa, the founder and chairman of the company attended the ceremony at the invitation of local government. Now Wanghai Guanyin Bronze Buddha has become a symbol of Panyu Lotus Mountain.

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