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Japan Yokohama Thean Hou Temple Bronze Bell

Project name: Japan Yokohama Thean Hou Temple Bronze Bell
Japan Yokohama Thean Hou Temple Bronze Bell is designed and casted by Guangzhou Lingnan Bronze Company.
Bronze Bell is one of Guangzhou Lingnan Bronze Sculpture Company’s core products. The Bronze Bell designed and manufactured by Guangzhou Lingnan Bronze Company for Japan Yokohama Thean Hou Temple is excellent and solid, the bell tone is vigorous and extensive. Bronze Bell is installed in Yokohama Chinatown and becomes a famous tourist highlight in Yokohama.
Yokohama Thean Hou Temple is an important place for Taoist culture transmission in Japan, Bronze Bell is an essential instrument in Taoist Temple.
Customizing a Bronze Bell is very meaningful, it not only transmits Chinese Bronze Bell culture, but also promotes the transmission and exchange of Chinese and Japanese Taoist culture.

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